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Timesaver Vacuum Cook in Bags

NEW dual Time saver Vacuum and Microwave, Cook-in-Bags

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Hot Food Stone Boards

Heat resistant Stone Boards, NSF and CE approved. Dishwasher safe, Gastro Sizes

Heat Resistant Stone Boards for Hot Serve Overs ›
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Patty-o-matic Easy Slider Burger Machine

The Patty-o-Matic Easy Slider will make virtually any shape, thickness, and weight of Burger from a variety of products with just a quick change of mould plate. It's simple to use and easy to clean. -User Friendly -Increased production output -Safe and Simple -No need to pre-weigh portions -Up to 6 portions at a time -Virtually any shape can be moulded -Varied thicknesses from 1/4" to 2"

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Red Spirit AJAX Chef Knife F. Dick

F. Dick has brought back to life an Ancient style of blade, with a modern interpretation. This style of Knife dates back to the 30's. The AJAX knife delivers a striking style of blade with a wide side and curved cutting edge, idea for processing meat and poultry. the blade can be hung up easily thanks to the practical hole in the blade. The perfect knife for all BBQ enthusiasts and Meat lovers who show their character and value something special

Red Spirit AJAX Knife F. Dick ›

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Non Drip Squeeze Sauce Bottle 75cl Special

Code: RJ03408

Non Drip Squeeze Sauce Bottle 75cl Special Offer.  SPECIAL OFFER SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

Price: €1.39 Add To Basket
Ergogrip 7” Trimming Knife

Code: D8237518

F. Dick 7" ErgoGrip Trimming KnifeAvailable while Stocks Last

Price: €27.68 Add To Basket
F. Dick 8” Bar Knife

Code: D8506120

Comes with a FREE Utility Steak Knife (D8501511) 

Price: €15.01 Add To Basket
5” F. Dick Green Flexi Boning Knife.

Code: D8298113

Green Only.F. Dick 5" Flexi Curved Boning Knife.Ergo Handle.Special Offer.Available while...

Price: €7.00 Add To Basket

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