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Shower Sandals

“I have been using the shower sandal for the past month and find it excellent. It’s such a key product that will be used daily, making cleaning feet highly effective
As a Chiropractor I spend very long hours standing on my feet so good hygiene is essential, the shower sandal is so quick and easy to use it is now part of my daily routine. 

More importantly from a professional point of view this is a product that I would recommend many of my patients use. Anyone who is unable to flex forward to reach their feet would find this product indispensable - this would include any patient with lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, any patient following abdominal surgery or anyone in the second and third trimester of pregnancy!”

Dr G Bailey DC, Bsc (Hons) Chiro ~ Chiropractor

Clean and massage your feet without awkward bending or balancing on one foot in a slippery shower. The Shower Sandal is designed to scrub the top and bottom of the foot and between your toes. Suction cups stick to floor of tub or shower. Great for people who have difficulty reaching their feet. 

For more information about this product and how to order Shower Sandal contact McDonnells or view the product video.

Shower Sandal