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Stainless Steel Long Rectangle Tray 730x250mm

Code: XSST7325

XSST7325 Long Rectangle Tray 730x250mm


XSST450250 Tray with rounded corners 450x250mm
XSST340210 Tray with rounded corners 340X210mm
XSST260230 Tray with rounded corners 260X230mm

XSSD450190 Shallow Dish 450x190x35mm

XSST8327 Long Rectangle Tray 830x270mm
XSST7325 Long Rectangle Tray 730x250mm
XSST7321 Long Rectangle Tray 730x210mm

XSST5821 Long Rectangle Tray 580x210mm

XSST16 Rectangle Tray 400x300mm

XSST290210 Rectangle Tray 290X210mm

XSST300210 Tray with rounded edge 300x210m

XSSD50035075 Rectangle Dish Deep 500x350x75mm
XSSD500350 Rectangle Dish 500x350x55mm
XSSD410310 Rectangle Dish 410x310x55mm
XSSD350240 Rectangle Dish 350x240x55mm
XSSD320230 Rectangle Dish 320x230x55mm
XSSD260230 Rectangle Dish 260x230x55mm

XSSD24423042 Small Dish 244x230x42mm

Exceptional Quality finish
Made from high gague Stainless Steel
Large range of Sizes and designs
Hand Poslished to high standards

Price: €46.74