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Red Spirit 6” Curved flexible Boning Knife


Code: D8174515

Prodcut code: D8174515

Red Spirit 6" flexible butchers boning knife

The NEW distinctive tool for the processing of meat easily pererated meat from the bone and 
removes skin, tough fat and sinew- the new Red Spirit boning knife

The narrow blade design comes from the meat industry and has been specifically adapted for work on 
fresh meat. It allows the knife to penetrate between the bone and meat and efforlessly separate
meat from the bone. With its short 15 cm blade, it ti were longer, it would be more difficult and 
unsafe to make precise cuts.

Red Spirit knives are uncompromising in there design when it comes to sharpness. The blade is
ground extremely thin and, in addition, the cutting edge is polished. The flexible blade of the boning knife
is ideally suited to the contour of the bones and the meat no longer needs to be reworked.
Since the boning knfe is also constantly exposed to moisture while working, it is important that the 
blade is made of stainless steel. The round, typically Asian-inspired handle of the knife sits perfectly in 
your hand and ideally meets all the ergonomic reuquirement of professional chefs, amature chefs and butchers-
a particularly important benefit with intensive use.

For the Red Spirit series, the product designers at Friedr, Dick were inspired by Asian craftsmanship,
creating series in red with an Asian touch. Since this colour plays a very important role, both in Asia and Europe, 
the colour associtaions foor prosperity, warmth, love, passion, fire and sharpness were intergrated into 
the handle design. All the ingerdients for a successful cooking experience.

Price: €61.19