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SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!! AJAX Carbon Spirit Chef’s Knife F. Dick


Code: D81722202BS

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!! No longer available.

AJAX Carbon Spirit Chef's Knife F. Dick D8172220SB

We have already won over many knife lovers with our very special AJAX knife style, the design or origianl of which could be found in our F. Dick catalogues in the 1930's

The AJAX knife delivers on it's promises: the eyecatching design with a wide side and curved cutting edge is ideal for processsing meat and poultry, but fruit and vegetables can also be cut effortlessly. The knife can be hung up easliy thanks to the practical hole in the blade.

We now offer the AJAX knife with a high-quality carbon coating: the AJAX, a perfect symbiosis of function and design. The special coating meets the highest demands. It's characterised by extreme hardness, a low friction coefficent and very good resisitance to acids, alkalis ansd salts.

The Blade is exceptionally scratch-resistant, slides easliy through the food being cut with out sticking and is easy to clean.

This further optimises the special features of the AXAJ.

-Striking and high quality appearance.

-elegant black blade and handle.

The Special edition Knife is LIMITED to 1500 peices, and is selling out fast.







Price: €147.60