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Datecodegenie Food Labelling System

Datecodegenie Food Labelling System Friday, 22nd March, 2019

Datecodegenie Labelling System
The DCG is quickly finding favour with chefs throughout Ireland

Financially, we can demonstrate the DCG will pay for itself in a matter of months.

Major benefits of the DCG include;
Legibility – no more deciphering poorly-written day labels.  
Consistency – every label is produced to the same standard, use by dates are uniform, pre-determined by you and consistently reproduced for every label.  
The first two points above are key for all EHO inspections – the DCG will help you to achieve better compliance in this critical area.
Ease of use – we provide training for your staff on the day of install, along with aftersales support, allowing you to spend more time doing what you do best.
Flexibility  – the system is highly adaptable to the individual needs of your business.  Plus you can create new labels for all food prep and retail requirements, without any additional set up costs.
Connected technology – your DCG data is stored in the cloud, connected over WIFI and available to access from any computer via your profile on the website.
Cost saving – produce labels in a fraction of the time it takes to handwrite, saving hours per day and €1,000s per year.  
Short ROI – with a low purchase price and no ongoing fees, the average return on investment for a four/five star hotel is around 3-4 months.
Less waste – good practice in food rotation labelling leads to better management of fresh food, meaning less waste and better cost control.

Further details on the DCG see website 
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Every DCG comes with a two year parts & labour warranty, and includes ongoing access to software updates and dedicated after-sales customer support – at no additional cost.

We also provide full support in set-up, installation and staff training on the day of install.